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Welcome to SHINE!

Welcome here!

i'm not a difficult one, so it's a public LJ where i put a lot of things!
(about, me, about, what i like, about what i'm doing etc...
well a LiveJournal! =w=)

'cause i know there are people who don't read profile -well i'm the first case, so-
i'll introduce myself a little! :3
* i'm a stupid and weak Fangirl! X3
* i'm French, so my english should be very bad! \=3=/
* i post a lot of my drawings on my LJ! ^o^
(and i talk about myself too! XD)

that's all!

(Tougo Tsubaki from AkaAka*w*)

Please Have fun, and enjoy surfing on my LJ! ^__^

PS: ah °o°, also, for the copyright (if one day, i'm good enough T_T ...)
hem... i don't really mind, but just think to credit or, at least, don't say it's yours!
because we're on internet, so that's the way it goes! u_u



Back for news on 2013!

Happy new year 2013! -hope you guyz are well-

I haven't done any new entry since October, well, not like there are anything great to say...
Everything I got to do since then are still on-going 'cause I'm really slow... TTxTT

Sometimes, I really wonder why I'm so weak... OTLRéduire )
Yeah! I'm right now in the North of France -and it's damn cold!-
The school's name is "SUPINFOCOM" it's a private expensive school for a 5years formation...
(my new appartment is quite small but enough for just a signle person, and I have Kitchen and Bathroom included, and even a free clean-up and breakfast )
So wait before that! What did I do since last time you should ask? °w°

Well... -even me, It's quite difficult to remember, but... let me check my agenda...-

*flip flip the pages... actually there ar enone, I use my mobilephone! =3=*Réduire )

Starry Sky in Spring - quick review

STARRY SKY in Spring

It's been a while since I finished that OtomeGame!
-I think it's my first normal otomegame, 'cause actually, the AkaAka's works are quite different from basic Otomegame where you play a girl surrounded by bishonen-

So I tried that game 'cause I already had seen the anime -which is quite odd 'cause the apisodes are really short!-
And besides I was able to find an english patch for that one! (dunno if it's still available on the Internet or if the link a friend gave me is still working...)
And PLUS! the character design was Kazuaki! (I had shown some of her artworks in a previous entry, HERE )

There are actually 4 differents opus of the StarrySky game!
(Spring, summer; Autumn, Winter... with each one 3 differents bishonen! That makes a total of 12 bishonen for each astrological zodiac signs!)


JapanExpo2012 big summary

Yup! the biggest french's manga convention has finally ended yesterday!
I was there all the four days at my Fanzine's stand: MASKOT
This year, the japanExpo's organizers put all the Fanzine's part in the other side of the convention, so it was a quite bad fact and less people came to see us!
All of the others fanzine's friend said the same, that the location was really bad ans there were a lot of problems with light, sound, modile's connection etc... =3=
I wonders how it'll be next year!
oh well! if i can still draw, i'm okay with anything! =3=

I tried not to spend too much money this year! i was glad i didn't wen overboard! I sacrified not to go to some stand even if their goodies where interesting =3=;;;
(i wanted to have all of Square Enix's goodies and also tried the BlackButler's lottery! And there were some Tonkam's goodies which looked really cool!)
Oh well... I don't really mind...Réduire )

news news tired news news tired...

So my exam are done since june, but i spend all my month to finish the work a had for the JapanExpo (a 17pages long yaoiAlienComic + 6illustrations to fill the fanzine + 2drawings to illustrate a story)

-besides, i spend the two first weeks to play games and read manga scans... so i rushed like hell the two lasts weeks!- *lazy girl here*

I will make entries about the games i played! (otome game and RPG games!)

Here an entry to say the results of my exams:Réduire )
(yup 14th page! with around one hundred different yaoimanga each; i guess i read more than a million of them! XD;;; but it's not like i can remember all of them! but when i saw them again i can tell "ah, i already have read that one! XD" *here is a stupid fangirl*)

I'm currently in my exam period!

I send most of my papers on march and have to take exam during all April!

Happy birthday to me!

I passed the first exam for the ENSAD (big art school i tried last year and ended failing at the last part)
The subject was SOOOOOO abstractive! i mean it was just three number: "1950, 2000, 2050"
People can actually think about things like "past present post" or some SF stuff... the teachers just told us "you're not forced to think with only cate, but also number lire some score etc..."

I actually already had decided to use charcoal landscapes, 'cause that's what i'm good for...

i had a little argument with my friends about that: i know they wanted to help, but i ended answering quite harshly because i was stressed...

i apologized, but in the end... i wasn't that wrong was i?!Réduire )

Ranting February!

Sorry sorry, i just need to scream it, people don't need to read... but i need to post it!


some happy new(s) year! X3

Hi guys! i'm not dead yet! just busy like hell! (i'm glad my brother lend me his laptop so i could (work) go on LJ! XD *get smashed*)

last time i was ranting a lot and i'm sorry for people who got worried... (my friends were cheering me up! thanks you all!)
Actually after going to Berlin, going to nightdanceboxes (drinking my first alcohol's shot) and having fun with my friend for the new year, i felt really a lot better! =w=

Plus i got a main teacher who was really kind and helped me to get throught all that Artdisaster! =A= it was the last time i cried this year! i felt really relieved again! so now i'm doing some work i quite like much more than the previous one! Plus i also worked for my animation's book! ^w^

i don't have a lot to show, but here some little things!Réduire )